Very Educational

How to noose yourself

  It's ok to noose youself, as long as you are positive while doing it. Come on, anything is allowed these days as long as you are happy about it. For all i care, go murder someone, as long as you do it nicely, and ask them first.

This Is A Cat


  This is a cat incase you do not know what a cat is. This cat is filled with positivity and shall have a fun life. Be like this cat, and dance like him, and not like fortnite, because fortnite sucks.


How to put on a condom

  This is how you put on a condom so you can make more positivity-sharers out there to spread the positivity of life. Like, we need more little wierdos running around to get positivity spread. And yes, I know i spelt weirdos wrong, don't judge me.

Got other ideas of life lessons? Then send me some on discord


  This is everything about ever bit of history. If you have any questions, watch this, it will positivify you, if thats even a word. "Of course it's a word Devin, it's positive, so it must be" You may say, but positivity is not loved by everyone, I know, Im shocked too.

  This is how to cook chicken nuggets in the perfect way, because I know we all love making chicken nuggets. These will be the best chicken nuggets you every try, and are made from scratch. These may take a while to make, but trust me when i say, it is worth it.


Russian Science

This is some scientific knowledge on how good Russian experiments are and how much you need to worry for nuclear action. Bill Nye the science guy has nothing on this dude.


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